We created the Conference Pod so you can easily create audio conference meeting rooms online. The Conference Pod is included in our Professional and Enterprise plans for conferences with up to 5 concurrent callers. 


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Key Features:

  • No 3rd party software required 
  • No long-distance charges 
  • No plugins needed 

Anyone can use the Conference Pod, whether you have remote staff, or you want to invite members of another organization, setting up conference calls is the same procedure. Learn how to create and manage group calls on the Conference Pod.


Your conference login is the same as your Versature credentials, i.e., extension@yourdomain with your password.  

The Conference Pod has 5 tabs that you can access on the left-hand side.

Dashboard - fast access to upcoming conferences, conference averages, and conference schedule. 

Phone numbers - provides a list of available local numbers that can be used for conferences, so your callers don't have to pay long-distance charges. 

Contacts - lists all your saved contacts with multiple filters and categorizations. 

Call history - catalogs your conference call history with multiple filters and categorizations. 

Conference rooms - gives access to all available rooms and the ability to add a room. 


There are 3 main components of the dashboard.

Upcoming conferences 

Includes the room name, room description, start and end dates. 

Averages for your last five calls

Shows the average number of members in a call, the average minutes spent on the phone, and the average number of calls recorded. 

Quick start/create a conference

    "Create conference" is always recommended over a quick start for security.  

The quick start room offers every member a shared PIN and a conference room that is open to anyone with the shared PIN and conference number. Creating a scheduled conference gives every member a unique PIN to ensure that the conference room is secure. 


Within the phone numbers section, you can easily find local numbers, so no long-distance charges apply to your conference calls. 

International numbers are only available on the paid version of the Conference Pod and are listed as "Premium". 


If you do not see a local number for your location and wish to request one, contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from your Versature device or by calling 1-877-498-3772 and choosing option #3. Emails will be responded to within 1 business day and can be sent to Not all locations are available.


The contacts section lists all your saved contacts by name, email, mobile number, tags (if applied), conference number (local to them) and the country they are in.  

You can filter your contacts by first name, last name, and tag. You can also filter by letter, accessed on the right side. If you don't want to manually add contacts, you can import contacts from Google or Outlook. 


Adding tags is a fast way to include a group of people in a conference call. For example, you could tag a group of remote agents and any time you wanted to schedule a conference you could input that tag rather than add each member separately.


The call history section shows all of the conference pod call history by room name, room description, start and end dates, and any recordings from the call. You can set the date range of the call history by clicking the date in the top right corner.


Office managers can click “Scope” to switch between My Calls and All Calls.


The conference rooms section displays all the conference rooms that are available to join.  Rooms are listed by name, notes, and start/end dates. For each room, there are three buttons on the right side.  

    Select this conference room.   

                             Get details about this conference room.

                                                     Delete this conference room.

Once a conference room has been selected you will be able to see the conference room number, your pin, seconds of the calls, and members joined.  


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