As a new office manager, it is crucial that you understand everything our unified communication system has to offer you. We want you to get the most of our service. 

This article includes key managerial information on our system and several links so you can easily learn more. 

Make sure you take the time to set up your own account! 

Check out the New Basic User article to get your personal account configured.


There are a few important items for new administrators taking over the management of the phone system. 


Before an old admin leaves, they must add you as an office manager. When changing or adding admins, a current admin must reach out to our Customer Success team. 

Don't have a current admin to add you? 

You need to send a letter or email with an attached PDF including:

  • a written statement that the previous admin is no longer with your organization.
    • the new admin's first and last name.
    • the new admin's email address and contact phone number.
    • a signature from a person within your organization with signing authority. 

Why is this important? 

Office managers have access to the entire organizations call data and user settings so we must ensure that anyone who is given this level of access can be trusted.


Contact our Success Team! 

You can email to open a ticket. A member of our CS team will respond within 1 business day to schedule a call. 

During your training call you will review the following: 

  • How to efficiently manage your phone service included (but not limited to): modifying call flow, managing multiple users, and high-level changes.  
  • All of the numbers and connected phone within your account. 
  • How to manage your auto attendant, if you have one. 
  • What integrations, additional products, and services are available to you. 
  • How you can leverage your call data to gain insights into your business needs. 

Don't have time for a training call today?

You can always get urgent answers with our Support Team, but until you have OM privileges, you might not be able to make changes.


Customer Success - Discuss topics such as:

  • high-level conversations,
  • if your organization is rapidly growing,
  • learning call flow,
  • optimizing your Versature's system to your business needs, and,
  • possible feature requests.

Contact opens a ticket for an email or call back. 

Support - Reach out when something isn't working as expected, or if you are experiencing troubleshooting issues. For immediate assistance, you can contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from your Versature device or by calling 1-877-498-3772 and choosing option #3. Emails will be responded to within 1 business day and can be sent to

Fulfillment - If you want to add or remove seats, or if you want to order new hardware. You can reach Fulfillment by dialing 611 from any Versature device and choosing option 2. 

If you need assistance in any of the above, you can contact our Customer Success team by emailing


As an office manager, you have three different views in your SONAR portal which allow you various access points

As a call center supervisor, you can view, change, and create various functionalities for yourself and your call center. There are three views a call center supervisor can assume in SONAR:

  • My Account - the features in "My Account" view are the same as that of a basic user. Check out the New Basic User article. You can also access your profile from this view.
  • Manage Organzation - features access points that are unique to your user scope and allows you to manage users and call centers within your organization. 
  • Account Preferences - You will be asked to log in again after clicking the account preferences link at the top of the page before gaining access to billing. Check out the Account Preferences section of the Academy.  

Learn more about office managers views and access


Versature Insights takes your call data to the next level to give you actionable insight into the operations of your company, customer experiences, and employee performance. 

Performance Wallboards - use SONAR metrics to display your call data visually through different component types. Create a culture of high performance and accountability at team, cross-team, and individual levels. All metrics are updated every minute. Wallboards are suitable for both large screens and smaller computer monitors. 

The Call Centre Web Header - use a snippet of injectable code that creates an information banner with your call centers name, wait times, and the number of callers in the queue. Use pre-authored javascript code provided by Versature; you can inject the code on any website, customize the look and feel, and provide current hold times and queue statistics.

Long-Term Recordings - view, filter, and listen to call recordings for longer than 6 months. Within the long-term recording section of Insights, you can also keyword search and view call recording transcriptions. You can easily see if agents are hitting those important business talking points, or track if common pain-points and issues are arising in conversations.

Google Sheets - get the most of your call data and better understand the numbers behind your success. After a simple download, you’re ready to start importing your personal call data or your company's call data. To learn how to download the integration and access your call data, check out: 


Most of our clients use the Polycom VVX 300 series. Don't have the VVX 300? Check out articles on our other phones.

The Academy has several instructional articles to assist you; familiarize yourself with the basics: 


Use star codes for efficiency.

*11 - Pull a call from one phone to another. Both phones must be connected to the same extension. 

*51 - Log into a call queue. If you are connected to more than one call queue, this star code will log you into all of them. 

*52 - Log out of call queue. If you are connected to more than one call queue, this star code will log you out of all of them. 

*67 - Mask/hide caller ID. Enter *67 and then immediately enter the number you want to dial out. 

*73 - If you have set your extension to forward to your cell phone after hours you can dial *73 from your phone, and it will remove the forwarding answering rule and reset it to ring your phone.

*78 - Activate Do Not Disturb.

*79 - De-Activate Do Not Disturb.

*98 - Access voicemail account. *98 only works if you do not have your voicemails configured to go to your email. 

*90 - Transfer calls directly to voicemail. *90 can be used after an attended call transfer is not answered and the caller wishes to leave a voicemail to the intended recipient.


The Versature Mobile App allows users to take their business phone extension, features, and functionality with them wherever they go. Whether you’re on the road, working remotely, or just away from your desk, you can remain accessible and while presenting a professional image to your callers. Versature for iOS and Android is free for Versature clients, available for download from the Google Play Store and iOS AppStore.


The SONAR Phone allows you full functionality of our mobile app, from a Chrome web browser. 


The Versature TRUST initiative provides public insight into live and historical system status updates. Versature is pleased to offer proactive and up-to-the-minute notifications on service levels affecting our user base.

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We have developed several integrations with cloud-based tools to incorporate into your business workflow. Integrations can help boost productivity, improve data collection quality, and monitor call performance.  

All integrations use your Versature credentials.  

We created the Conference Pod so you can easily create audio conference meeting rooms online. We include the Conference Pod in our Professional and Enterprise plans for conferences with up to 5 concurrent callers. Check out the Conference Pod Overview and How to Create and Manage Conference Pods

We also have integrations with:

Want to know more? 

Check out a full description of each.

Check out installation information in the Academy. 

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