The Obihai WiFi adapter is a USB device that allows you to wirelessly connect your VoIP desk phone to the internet. 


You must have a Polycom VVX device with a firmware of 5.9 or higher. 


  • No other WiFi USB dongles are supported. 
  • You cannot have WiFi and Ethernet connections concurrently. 
  • The new VVX 250, VVX 350, and VVX 450 phones cannot use a USB headset while the adapter is in use. 
  • The Polycom VVX 1500 business media phone is not currently supported. 

Learn how to set up your Obihai WiFi adapter by following the steps below.

1. Insert the adapter into the phone through the USB port, located on the back of your phone.  

2. At the first set up screen, press the soft key for Start.

3. Change WiFi from Off to On. Use the navigation keys to select "On" (2) and press the soft key for Select.

    4. When you see the screen “do you want to continue” choose the soft key for Yes.

The phone will restart. 

    5. After the phone reboots, press the soft key for Start.

6. While scanning for networks, the screen presents options for the network you want to connect to: choose your network and press the soft key for Select.

    7. Enter a password using encoding options.

  •     Upper case = encoding > #2
  •     Lowercase = encoding > #1

Entering your password can be tricky: as you enter characters, they quickly disappear. If you make a mistake, it may be hard to identify until after you have entered the password. 


Special Characters 

Please note that you cannot access special characters when you are in numerical mode. If you have special characters in your password, you must:

1. Select Encoding, and then select Abc, ABC, or abc

2. Press the 1, 0, *, or # key one or more times to enter one of the following special characters:

  • 0 key: /,_$~=?0
  • 1 key: !'11@:1
  • * key: * - & % + ; ()
  • # key: #><{I"

    8. Once you have entered the password, press the center of the navigation pad.  

    9. Press the soft key for More, and then the soft key for Connect.

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