Polycom Trio 8300 provides excellent performance with a modern and intuitive design. Ideal for small-sized conference rooms of up to 5 people, the Trio 8300 eliminates distracting noise with Polycom-patented NoiseBlock technology.  


  • Easily share content wired or wirelessly.
  • 3.5" LED screen with 12-key dialpad. 
  • Connect Bluetooth or WiFi with USB. 
  • Poly NoiseBlock technology. 
  • The patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ ensures clear and lifelike audio, catching both lower and higher vocal frequencies.
  • Wide-ranging SIP interoperability.
  • Powerful microphones that can pick up 5 different normal speaking voices heard up to 3.7 meters (12 feet) away.  
  • Pair with Visual+ for video conferencing and content sharing options. 


  1. Speaker Microphones. Sends your audio and provides received audio and ringer. 
  2. Soft keys. These keys allow you to choose various context-specific options as displayed on the screen directly above them.
  3. Home button. Brings you back to the home icon view, or the home screen idle view.
  4. Volume Keys. Turn up or down the volume of the ringer and speaker. 
  5. Mute Key. Mute your microphone audio from being heard. You can toggle this key to turn the microphone on and off. 
  6. Dial keys. Standard 12-key phone dial pad, allows you to make calls and enter characters as indicated by the letters in the superscript font.
  7. Hang-Up Key. Ends an active call. 
  8. Accept Call Key. Accept an incoming call. 
  9. Device Port. Connect your device to a wall port.  
  10. USB port. Connect a USB through this port.  
  11. Back Key. Enable you to return to the previous screen. 
  12. Navigator Key. Access, scroll, and select options on the phone screen using these keys.
  13. Display Screen. Provides contextual information accessible through the navigation keys and soft-keys. 

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