You can locate your contact list in the tab bar of your SONAR portal or the bottom pop-up on the right side.


NOTE:  Office managers and call center supervisors have to be in “My Account” view to access their contact list.

Under the Contacts tab, you can easily access all of your contacts. Your contacts are displayed by name, phone number/extension number, status (online/offline), and department. 

You can search for a contact using their name or extension and filter contacts using the drop-down menu. Starred contacts  are saved as your “favorites.”


When not in the Contacts section of the SONAR portal, you can access your contacts by clicking on the contacts pop-up tab at the bottom right corner of the screen. The arrow pointing to the right pops the contact list into a new window. You can keep that window open after you navigate away from the SONAR portal.  

Or, you can press the Pop-Out button on the right side.

 Once in the Contacts Pop-out Window, contacts can be organized by clicking on the blue text above the contact list and selecting one of the following filters: online, extension, last name, or first name.

You can enter a status message that appears directly under your name so the rest of your organization can view it. These messages will remain under your name until they are deleted.


Contact availability is indicated by colored circles:

 Contact is available
Contact is unavailable/on the phone
Contact has DND (Do Not Disturb) enabled or their phone is offline
No phone is connected to this contact
Actively logged into SONAR and available for Instant Message chat.

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