Need to review a past call made within the last 90 days? At an additional fee of $10 per user, you can access short-term call recordings through SONAR within the Call History tab. 

  • Office managers can listen to the call records from anyone in your organization. 
  • Call center supervisors can listen to their own call recordings and the call recordings of their call center agents. 
  • Basic users and call center agents can listen to their own call recordings. 

Recordings are saved in the Call History tab for all calls within the last 90 days. Within the call history list, there are two icons on the right side: 

The listen icon allows you to hear a call recording from start to finish through the SONAR portal.
The download icon allows you to download a .wav file so you can listen to the recording from an external platform. Downloading a recording allows you to skip forward and backward to find fragments of conversation more easily.

Insights offers long-term call recordings. If you need to access call recordings for quality assurance, industry compliance, legal obligations, or just for review, access recordings at and sign if with your net2phone Canada credentials (yourextension@yourdomian). Learn more about Insights Call Recordings.  

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