If you need to access call recordings for quality assurance, industry compliance, legal obligations, or just for review, the Long-Term Recordings section of Insights offers a place to view, filter, and listen to call recordings for longer than 6 months. Access recordings at and sign if with your Versature credentials (yourextension@yourdomian). 


Your company only has access to your recordings until the day your contract ends, even if a call is recorded as little as the day before.  

If you would like to access call recordings from a previous contract period, you must renew.

Depending on your Versature profile, you have different access to the call recordings in your company. 

  • Basic users and call center agents have access to their call recordings. 
  • Call center supervisors have access to their recordings as well as their agent's recordings. 
  • Office managers have access to the entire company's call recordings.    

To listen to a call recording, click the play button on the left-most side.


You can quickly scroll down the list to browse the recordings. To narrow your search, there are several filters you can set.   

When you first open the call recording page you have a choice to search for a specific user or queue. 

Calls are easily searched in this view by: 

  • Users - scroll through names with listed extension numbers. 
  • Under the Filters button, there are advanced filters you can set for a more precise search. The additional filters offered are: 
    • Call Type - incoming, outgoing, or on net (between two Versature numbers). 
    • Duration - with various ranges from less than a minute to over two hours.
    • Date Range - choose a specific date range (today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, last month, custom). 
    • Keywords - search for specific keywords. 

Once you have entered the values you want to search for, you can toggle between how the calls are lists by: 

  • From 
  • To 
  • Call Type 
  • Start Time 
  • End Time 
  • Duration 

Download recordings or transcriptions

At the bottom of the page, you can navigate between pages by clicking Previous/Next. You can choose how many rows to view per page by clicking the # rows before the Next button. 


  • Without any filters in place, your list displays in chronological order.
  • "On-net" calls indicate calls made between two Versature customers or internal calls an organization.
  • Two or more download buttons are present when a user paused and restarted their call recording through the SONAR portal. You can only pause calls through the SONAR portal. 
  • If a call is transferred, the recordings display as two separate calls identified by the double play button on the left side. 

  • You can also access short-term call recordings through SONAR within the Call History tab.

At an additional fee of $10 per seat, you can listen to an employees calls from the Call History tab of the SONAR portal. Recordings are saved here for all calls within the last 90 days. Within the call history list, there are two icons on the right side: 

 Listen The listen icon allows you to hear a call recording from start to finish through the SONAR portal.
 Download The download icon allows you to download a .wav file so you can listen to the recording from an external platform. Downloading a recording allows you to skip forward and backward to find fragments of conversation more easily.

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