Keyword search and call recording transcriptions are powerful tools that Insights offers. You can easily see if agents are hitting those important business talking points, or track if common pain-points and issues are arising in conversations. 

Access the Long Term Call Recordings section of Insights.

Your Sensitive Information is Always Protected! 

The keyword + transcription algorithm identifies sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, and redacts that segment of audio from transcriptions. 

You can be confident that private information is protected.

To access transcription and keyword search, click the play button or click and drag the three dots next to the right scrollbar, as shown in the GIF below. 

Need help filtering call records? 

Check out the Long-Term Call Recording article.   


If you don't have any recordings yet, click the here link to access a demo. 


You can play, rewind, forward, download, and close the sidebar. 


Once you've chosen a recording, either through filters or by searching for a keyword, you can easily navigate through the conversation. 


  • You can use your mouse to jump through the conversation audio waveform.

  • Toggle between keywords and a transcription.

  • Organize the list by alphabet or occurrence.  

  • You can download recordings to save in a separate location. 

  • See how many times that keywords occur. 

  • Click keywords to see where they are in the conversation and jump to that timestamp. 

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