You can locate voicemail messages and message settings in the tab bar of your SONAR portal.

NOTE: Office managers and call center supervisors must be in “My Account” view to access this tab.

There are two tabs on the right side, Messages, and Settings. 


Under the Messages tab, you can see all of your recent messages only if your voicemails are configured to keep messages on your phone/the SONAR portal. If voicemails are configured to go to email, no messages will display in this section.


The Settings tab gives you access to all the features offered for voicemail preferences.

  • Inbox – organize how you want your messages to be displayed.
  • Operator Foward – if your company has an operator forward option, you can enter the operator’s extension here.
  • Greetings – record, upload, and change your current voicemail greeting.
  • Unified Messaging– enable email notifications to have all your voicemails sent to your email rather than keeping them on the SONAR portal and your net2phone Canada device.
    • Send email when mailbox is full - only applies if you do not have voicemail-to-email enabled. 
    • Send email after missed call - get email notification if you miss a call and they do not leave a message. 



The following options are only applicable if you choose to leave messages on the SONAR portal and your net2phone Canada device:

Sort voicemail inbox by latest first – sorts by latest voicemail first.

Announce voicemail recorded time – a greeting announces the time the voicemail was received before playing back the message.

Announce incoming call ID – a greeting announces the caller’s ID before playing back the message.

Operator Forward – applicable to both voicemail delivery method options. If you want to configure an alternate extension for a caller to reach, the caller leaving a voicemail can press zero “0” to be forwarded to the extension specified. You must let callers know they have this option as the system itself will not.


Voicemail Greeting – this is where you can record and manage their voicemail greetings.
If you have multiple voicemail greetings, click on the drop-down menu to select which greeting is set to play.

Managing Greetings – gives you access to all the recorded greetings,  including information about the greeting, such as the greeting name, and duration.

Recorded Name – It is only necessary to record your name if your company uses the Dial-By-Name Directory feature.


Listen to a greeting.      

Download a greeting as a .wav file.  

Manage greetings.

Edit a greeting.    

Delete a greeting.


Here you can control where voicemail messages are delivered. One of the following two options must be selected.

NOTE: Selecting both methods is not possible.
  1. Send w/ attachment (move to trash) – deletes voicemail messages off the SONAR portal and your net2phone Canada device and delivers messages to the email address that is in your profile.

2. None – Messages remain on the SONAR portal and your net2phone Canada device until the User manually deletes them. Users can access the voicemails from their phones by dialing *98 and entering their PIN.

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