Time frames are the foundation of call-answering customization. When used in conjunction with Answering Rules, you can choose how your phones are answered based on a specific date, day, or time.     

  • Always – select whenever you need an action to be performed for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Days of week and times – select whenever you need different behaviours for different times, such as “After Business Hours.”
  • Specific days or range – select whenever you need a special behaviour for full days such as holidays or sick leave.


  1. Click the Time Frames tab in your SONAR portal.
  2. Click Add Time Frame in the right corner.
  3. Name your new time frame so you can find it in the future.
  4. Select the type of time frame you wish to set.


  1. Click the Always radio button.
  2. Click Save.


Days of the Week and Times

  1. Click the Days of the Week and Times radio button.
  2. On the left side, click the checkboxes of the days you wish to include in your time frame.
  3.  For each of the selected days, use the horizontal sliders to manually set the time periods you wish to include in your time frame. Whatever is in blue will be included in this time frame.
  4.  Click Save.


Specific Dates and Ranges

  1. Click the calendar icon  and select your time frame's start and end dates.
  2.  If you wish to add multiple start and end dates, click the green plus icon on the right side.
  3.  Click the Save button.



Remember, creating a time frame is only half the battle—don’t forget to create an answering rule afterward that makes use of your time frame.

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Have a holiday coming up? Use your new time frame with an Answering Rule to send calls straight to voicemail and record a greeting informing callers you’re away.

Set a time frame to have all calls go straight to voicemails when you leave for the day.

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