net2phone Canada SureAnswer is a feature that automatically redirects incoming calls to an external number in the case you ever experience an outage causing your phones to go offline.


NOTE:  Office managers and call center supervisors must be in “My Account” view to access their answering rules.

  1. Click the Answering Rules tab in your SONAR portal.
  2. Click the Add Rule on the right side or the pencil icon of your active answering rule.
  3. Select a pre-existing Time Frame.
  4. Under the Call Forwarding section, click the checkbox next to net2phone Canada SureAnswer. 
  5. Enter the external number or extension.  Phone numbers need to be entered as 10 digits without spaces, dashes, or brackets.
  6. Ensure the rest of your answering rule has the functionalities you need.
  7. Click the Save button when finished.


  • Your callers will still hear your auto-attendant and voicemail greetings. No need to update anything!
  • Entering the number of your mobile phone will give you an easily accessed external number.
  • Forwarding to an iPhone? Download the net2phone Canada iOS mobile app and never forward again.
  • Shorten your ring duration for more voicemails and less abandoned calls.

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