Working from home today? Learn how to forward your business calls to your mobile or landline phone. If you have multiple external numbers you may need to be reached at, take advantage of the When Unanswered forwarding option to add another device and never miss a call.

Multiple calls sent to a mobile number may send calls to voicemail. 

If you have multiple calls pushing to a mobile number at one time, your mobile provider may not allow for this elevated volume and calls may be sent straight to net2phone Canada voicemail. 


  • Every answering rule must be linked to a time frame, if you do not have a time frame to link your answering rule with, you must create a new time frame.
  • Office managers and call center supervisors must be in “My Account” view to access their answering rules.
  1. Click on the Answering Rules tab in your SONAR portal.
  2. Click the Add Rule button to create a new rule, or the pencil icon to edit your active rule.
  3. Under the Call Forwarding section, click the checkbox next to Always.
  4. In the entry box next to Always, enter a phone number without spaces or dashes.
    1. Enter a 10-Digit number to forward the original caller ID of the caller. For example: 6132379329
    2. Enter an 11-Digit number to forward your company's caller ID. For Example: 16132379329  This is used to help differentiate personal calls from work calls when forwarding to a personal device. 
  5. Click Save.
  6. Drag the Answering Rule you created to the top of the list to give it the highest priority. 
  7. Click Save when finished. 


  • Forwarding to a mobile phone? Check out the SONAR Mobile app! 
  • The net2phone Canada SmartAnswer feature is an alternative to call forwarding that allows you to screen your business calls on your mobile device as well as ensure your callers always reach your net2phone Canada voicemail. Login to SONAR and follow this tutorial to enable net2phone Canada SmartAnswer.
  • Ensure that you never miss a call in case of a power outage using net2phone Canada SureAnswer.

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