As an office manager, you have the ability to view and update other user's information. 


  • This article overviews the features available to you in the Users tab of your SONAR portal.
  • You must be in “Manage Organization” view to access the Users tab.

Within the Users tab, you can easily access all of the people in your company on the SONAR portal. Users display in this section by name, extension number, and department.

The default number of users displayed is 15. You can change the amount to 25, 50, or 100 per page. Additionally, you can use the page number or arrow keys to scroll through pages.

By selecting Hide System Users at the bottom of the screen, any auto-attendants, call queues, ring groups, etc. become hidden.

  NOTE: Hide System Users is checked by default on your first login.

You can quickly find users by searching for them using their name or extension. By entering a department in the search box, you can filter users by their role in your company.

To view or edit a user’s profile, answering rules, voicemail, and phones, you can click their name or the pencil icon. 

Clicking on the pencil icon brings up a quick-access drop-down menu.

Alternatively, clicking on a user’s name opens a new view with the same access points, but in a tab bar.

If at any point you wish to navigate back to the main page of the Users tab, you can re-click Users in the main tab bar, or click Users next to the name of the user you are currently viewing.

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