Whether your team is remote or in-office, net2phone Canada is proud to offer seamless video conferencing with Huddle! 


  • Seamless video and audio conferencing with screen sharing. 
  • Accessible through any smartphone, available on iOS and Android.  
  • It is fully integrated with Google and Microsoft Calendar.  
  • Landline and mobile dial-in compatible.  
  • Quick emoji reactions.
  • Custom background (accessed through the three dots on the bottom right). 
  • Share audio and video and raise hand options.
  • Moderator mute/unmute audio control.
  • Live Messaging during video calls, public and private chats 
  • Free guest logins, no Huddle account required.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. 
  • Completely secure interactions! Passcode-protected meetings, encrypted platform, secure user data, grade A from SSL Labs. 
  • Over 30+ languages are available. 

Log in 

Log in to Huddle using your SONAR credentials (i.e., 


Time Stamps

0:35 Log in (using SONAR credentials) and homepage intro 

0:48 Add and join Huddles 

1:25 Huddle camera and audio controls 

1:40 Invite others to join 

1:50 Camera toggle views

2:05 Chat feature

2:25 Private message feature

2:50 Share your screen 

3:15 Additional settings 

3:40 Moderator controls 

3:55 Video quality 

4:15 Full-screen mode 

4:25 Youtube Integration 

4:55 View speaker stats 

5:18 Keyboard shortcuts

5:28 Raise Hand 

NOTE: Raise Hand is now located at the bottom of the page.

5:37 Copy and share video information


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