Whether your team is remote or in-office, net2phone Canada is proud to offer seamless video conferencing with Huddle! 


  • Seamless video and audio conferencing with screen sharing. 
  • Accessible through any smartphone, available on iOS and Android.  
  • It is fully integrated with Google and Micorsoft Calendar.  
  • Landline and mobile dial-in compatible.  
  • Quick emoji reactions.
  • Custom background (accessed through the three dots on the bottom right). 
  • Share audio and video and raise hand options.
  • Moderator mute/unmute audio control.
  • Live Messaging during video calls, public and private chats 
  • Free guest logins, no Huddle account required.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. 
  • Completely secure interactions! Passcode-protected meetings, encrypted platform, secure user data, grade A from SSL Labs. 
  • Over 30+ languages are available. 

Log in 

Log in to Huddle using your SONAR credentials (i.e., 


Time Stamps

0:35 Log in (using SONAR credentials) and homepage intro 

0:48 Add and join Huddles 

1:25 Huddle camera and audio controls 

1:40 Invite others to join 

1:50 Camera toggle views

2:05 Chat feature

2:25 Private message feature

2:50 Share your screen 

3:15 Additional settings 

3:40 Moderator controls 

3:55 Video quality 

4:15 Full-screen mode 

4:25 Youtube Integration 

4:55 View speaker stats 

5:18 Keyboard shortcuts

5:28 Raise Hand 

NOTE: Raise Hand is now located at the bottom of the page.

5:37 Copy and share video information



How much does Huddle cost?

Huddle is currently free for all new net2phone Canada plans, with the exception of Business Lite.

How secure is Huddle?

Huddle is built on an encrypted platform with password protection for both users and guests sporting a grade A from SSL Labs. 

How many people can be in a Huddle at once?

There can be up to 50 participants in a Huddle at a time.

What platforms does Huddle work on?

Huddle works on all desktop computers and tablets that can run Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Does everyone I invite to a meeting have to have Huddle?

No, you can invite guests to join with a secure password. 

Do I have to download anything to use Huddle?

No, you can use Huddle from your desktop computer. If you would like to use Huddle on your mobile device or tablet, please download the Huddle app available for iOS and Android.

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