If you already have an established analog public address (PA) system and want to connect to net2phone Canada's phone system, Algo 8301 Paging Adaptor provides an integration that might be the right solution for you.

The Algo Paging Adaptor is ideal for: 

  • retail,
  • healthcare, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • government or commercial spaces, and,
  • schools. 


Product Notes 

  • We cannot guarantee that Algo will work with all established PA systems. 
  • The Algo 8301 is a SIP device that requires its own extension number. 
  • Speed dial keys can be programmed if you don't want to dial an extension every time you page your PA system.   
  • We currently do not offer zone support; the Algo will page all connected speakers. 
  • There is no extra cost for the monthly Algo extension or paging feature.

Is the Algo 8301 right for you? 


Want to integrate your PA system with your VoIP? 

Our Onboarding team configures Algo when we are setting up your system, however, net2phone Canada is not responsible for installing this device. If your organization has completed the Onboarding process, contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from your net2phone Canada device or by calling 1-877-498-3772 and choosing option #3. Emails will be responded to within 1 business day and can be sent to

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