10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code, which is a channel created by mobile carriers for business-to-consumer SMS use cases. 


Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging with 10DLC 

Similar to traditional person-to-person (P2P), A2P offers organizations a chance to promote, notify, and update their users or clients via SMS messages. Previously A2P consisted of shortcodes and toll-free numbers, now an improved method is being standardized across the USA and Canada; the 10DLC (10-digit-long-code) route.

10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code, which is a channel created by mobile carriers for business-to-consumer SMS use cases. Examples are marketing messages, alerts, appointment reminders, and other notifications. 


  • Specifically designed for business messaging 
  • Multiple use cases/campaign types 
  • You can use existing 10 digital phone numbers 
  • Supports high-volume messaging 
  • Increased stability and reliability 

Key Takeaways 

10DLC is a new standard practice in the USA

Your organization must have an official website to register for 10DLC. 

Businesses need to register their brands and approve their SMS campaigns to protect users from unwanted messages and to ensure your messages aren't delivered as spam. 

Campaigns come with a one-time setup fee (Brand Registration) and a small monthly fee (either Standard or Special Campaign), which is collected by your carrier (net2phone Canada), and passed on to The Campaign Registry.  


Anti-spam measures in the USA have required businesses to register their SMS 10DLC campaigns. By enforcing registration, users will be better protected against unwanted messages. Additionally, companies can ensure that SMS messages are not classified as spam and deliver as expected. 

There is a one-time Brand Registration fee and a monthly Campaign fee. These fees are collected by your carrier (net2phone Canada) and are passed on to The Campain Registry. net2phone Canda is not adding surcharges or making a profit from this service. 


To register with The Campaign Registry, you must submit a designated form in full. 

  • You will submit your company or organization as a Brand
  • Your use case for SMS will be submitted as a Campaign

Once verified by The Campaign Registry, net2phone Canada will inform you that A2P SMS messages to U.S. numbers are ready to use.


Find the right Campaign and Register Now! 

Learn what each campaign offers, its associated fees, and net2phone Canada's recommendations.  

Follow this guide to fill out your Campaign Registry Form.

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