10DLC Campaign Registry Form Instructions

This article will help you enter all of the information needed by The Campaign Registry correctly. You will submit your organization as a "Brand," and your SMS use case will be submitted as a "Campaign" type. Once verified by The Campaign Registry, you can send SMS messages to U.S. numbers. 

Access the Form Here. 

Setting up a new campaign requires the selection of the use case for that campaign; pricing is different for different use cases. 

Unsure what Campaign type to choose? 

If you're unsure what campaign type is right for you, you can review them in this article. A member of our Customer Success team will be happy to review your use cases and answer your questions. You can email success@net2phone.ca to open a ticket. A member of our CS team will respond within 1 business day to schedule a call. 

Unsure about Canadian Bussiness-Number requirements?

Certain business activities require a business number: a unique, 9-digit number. Learn more about Bussiness Numbers directly from the Canadian Government.  


Brand Registration 

A red asterisk * indicates a required entry field.


Legal Company Name – The legal name your company or organization uses—the name used in all contracts and invoices. 

DBA or Brand Name (if different from legal name) DBA stands for "doing business as." The name your clients/customers recognize. If your Legal Company name is your Brand name, leave this entry blank.  

Contact Name – Your name or the name of the designated contact in your organization. 

Contact Number – Your number or the number of the designated contact in your company. 

Country of Registration – The form send to you is automatically set to Canada, if you are outside of Canada, click Other and type your country, as seen in the image below. 

What type of legal form is this organization - Some campaign types are restricted based on organization type. This field offers a drop-down menu with 5 choices: 

  • Publicly Traded Company – Any publicly listed company whose ownership comprises shares of stocks intended for free trade.
  • Private Company – Any company or firm held under private ownership. Stocks are not issued through a public offering. 
  • Non-Profit Organization – Any legal entity that operates for a secondary public or social or mutual benefit. 
  • Government – Any organization operated by the governing body of their area. 
  • Sole Proprietor  A single person with exclusive ownership of a business. 

Tax Number/ID - The Campaign Resitry needs Tax ID numbers to verify correct all organizations in the USA. If your primary business registration is in Canada, please enter your Canadian Corporation Number, federal or provincial. 

DUNS, GIIN, or LEI Number - Formats for registered business numbers.  

  • D-U-N-S Number (DUNS) is a privately issued number from the Dun & Bradstreet company (D&B).
  • GIIN is a Global Intermediary Identification Number assigned to a PFFI.
  • LEI is a Legal Identity Number. 

To finish this page of the form, enter your organization's full address. You can also add a website link and your industry. 

Click Next Page


Phone Number Associated with this Campaign - Enter the phone number you will use to send A2P messages. 

Add another Number to this Campaign - If you have multiple SMS numbers you want to use to send A2P messages, you can enter them by clicking here. 

Campaign Description - A brief explanation of your SMS use case. 
Example: "Sending appointment confirmation messages."

Sample Message - Please include an example of an A2P message you would send. 
Example: "Your appointment is booked for 10:00."

Within the list of Standard and Special Campaigns, click the checkbox for your desired Campaign Type(s). 


Low Volume Mixed Campaign 

If you are choosing Low Volume Mixed Campaign, you must select at least 1 use case.


Add another Campaign – At the bottom of the page, you can add another Campaign type, which will duplicate the Standard and Special Campaign form sections. 

Click Submit to finish your registration. 

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