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The Campaign Registry provides many Campaign types for organizations to choose from, each with a specified monthly fee and approval process. There are two categories of Campaign types, Standard and Specialized. This article will list each Campaign type with a brief description. For most of our customers, net2phone Canada recommends a single brand with a low volume, mixed campaign type. 

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Low Volume Mixed Campaign

The Low Volume Mixed Campaign type offers organizations multiple use cases and "lower" volume.

Key Features

  • Allows you to create any messaging campaign containing 2 to 5 standard use cases.
  • Lower monthly price ($2.00). 
  • Each campaign can have a maximum of 49 telephone numbers associated with it. 
  • 2000 messages per day, and 75 messages per minute. 

Other Standard Campaign Types

2FA - Any two-factor authentication, verification or one-time passcode 

Account Notifications - Standard notifications for account holders; relating to and being about a user's account.  

Customer Care - All customer care interactions, including but not limited to account management and customer support.  

Delivery Notifications - Notification about the delivery status of a product or service.  

Fraud Alert Messaging - Notifications regarding potential fraudulent activity on a user's account.  

Higher Education - Messaging created on behalf of Colleges or Universities, including School Districts and education institutions. This use case is NOT for the "free to the consumer" messaging model.  

Marketing - Any communication that includes marketing and/or promotional content. 

Mixed - Any messaging campaign containing 2 to 5 standard uses cases. 

Polling and voting - Sending surveys and polling/voting campaigns for non-political arenas. 

Public Service Announcement - Informational messaging to raise an audience's awareness about important issues. 

Security Alert - A notification stating the security of a system, either software or hardware, has been compromised, and there is an action you need to take.

Specialized Campaign Types

Warning: Special Approvals 

The following campaign types require additional approvals by The Campaign Registry.  


Charity - Communications from a registered charity to provide help and raise money for those in need. Includes: 5013C Charity. 

Proxy - Peer-to-peer app-based group messaging with proxy/pooled numbers, supporting personalized services and non-exposure of personal numbers for enterprise or A2P communications. 

Emergency - Notification services are designed to support public safety/health during natural disasters, armed conflicts, pandemics and other national or regional emergencies. 

K-12 Education - Campaigns created for messaging platforms that support schools from grades K - 12, and distance learning centers. K-12 Education Campaign is not for Post-Secondary schools. This use case requires MNO approval. 

Platform Free Trial - CSP "Free Trial" Offers for non-paying customers and requires a separate contract. 

Agents; franchise; local branches - Brands that have multiple agents, franchises or offices in the same brand vertical, but require individual localized numbers per agent/location/office. 

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