net2phone Canada is offering a Microsoft Teams integration. The integration lets your net2phone Canada extension connect as a softphone through your Microsoft Teams web browser or mobile and desktop application. 

Does your organization need our MS Team integration enabled? 

Please email, and a net2phone Canada agent will get back to you within 1 business day. 


Need to resync?

Open: and log in with your MS Teams credentials. 



  1. You will receive an email from net2phone Canada letting you know that your Microsoft Teams Connection is ready to be activated. Accept the invitation by clicking Accept Invitation
  2. Log in with your Microsoft credentials.
    NOTE: The email entered here must be a global admin for your Microsoft Office 365 Account. Please use a Chrome Browser for this process.
  3. Click Sign In
  4. Click the checkbox for Consent on behalf of your organization; this provides net2phone Canada permission to access your list of users and the ability to configure the connection properly.
  5. Click Accept and wait a few moments for this to process.

Didn't get an email? 

Check your spam folder for the missing email! 



NOTE: Before you can enable sync, you need to make sure that you have one more voice license than is needed for all the users you wish to connect, so the system can use it to perform the syncs.  Once everything is set up, that additional license can be cancelled. If you need help with licensing please review the Microsoft Licensing references listed below, or ask your Onboarding staff member for assistance.  

  1. Once you have an available voice license, navigate to the Services tab.
  2. Click the Teams sub-tab.
  3. Click Enable Sync.
  4. Select your Account.
  5. Click the checkbox Give consent on behalf of your organization
  6. Click Accept. You will see the service syncing at the top of the page. Normally, the sync should count down from 15 minutes, but this process is usually much quicker. 
  7. Once the countdown is complete, you will see a green checkmark, you can now click on the Users tab. 


Your Teams account is now successfully set up and ready to connect with net2phone Canada extensions. 



NOTE: net2phone Canada staff will now link your Teams users to your net2phone Canada users.  Once done, they will contact you to let you know, and you will need to Sync one last time for the changes to take effect in Microsoft Teams.

After the sync is finished processing, you can see your new integration in your Microsoft Team'sDidn't application. 

  1. Log into your Team's application.
  2. Navigate to the Calls Tab.


Under Make a Call you will now see you have the option to type a name to make a call, usually, there is a dial pad here, but the system can take up to 24-to-72 hours to update your accounts accordingly.



Dial out a number to make your first call. If requested, allow Microsoft Teams to access your microphone and camera.  Once you have made your first call, you will see it in the history section. 

Don't forget to turn on your desktop notifications so you never miss a call with net2phone Canada's integration for Microsoft Teams! 

Do not Disturb with Microsoft Teams. 

If you set your status to Do Not Disturb, calls will not ring through to Teams, but your other net2phone Canada devices will ring. All other “not available” will still ring through. 



To access our integration, you must have the necessary MS Teams licenses. To operate the net2phone Canada integration, you must have one of the following MS Teams licenses: 

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic + Common Area Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard + Common Area Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium + Common Area Phone
  • E1 + Phone System
  • E3 + Phone System
  • E5

If you're unsure whether your current Microsoft account will allow our integration, please contact your Microsoft Representative. 

Click here for additional Microsoft Teams meeting and call support.

Interested in piloting the Microsoft Teams integration?

Please contact or dial 611 off your net2phone Canada device.



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