Zapier is a global company that allows users to create integrations between different applications to help automate the more tedious aspects of their jobs. Use Zapier to pull call data records from your net2phone Canada account to the application of your choice.  


  1. Go to and sign up for free with an email (or sign in). 

    • New Zapier Account?  

      1. Choose your role and your company size.  
      2.  Choose applications you frequently use. 

    2. Search for net2phone.
    3. Choose another application you want to connect with your net2phone Canada call data.
    4. Set your triggers and actions as you would for any Zap! Triggers you can choose from are:

  • Call Missed 
  • Call Ringing 
  • Call Busy 
  • Call Completed 
  • Call Answered


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