Through the use of Slack Webhooks, you can receive live incoming-call notifications in their Slack Channels. See who's calling your extension or call queue before you answer the call. Once set up, all inbound calls to subscribed users display details posted to the subscribed Slack Channel. Complete the form below to get started.

Salesforce integrations still have "Versature" wording.

All integrations with Versature branding will continue to work seamlessly with net2phone Canada systems. 


You must be an office manager to use our Slack integration.




This will be your net2phone Canada login email! 

This will be your net2phone Canada login password! 

The users you wish to receive updates about. i.e. 101,102 

Don't worry, you can renew your subscription any time if you decide you want it to last longer!

Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to Slack: grant net2phone Canada access to your Slack environment. Select which Slack channel you want the updates posted on, then you're good to go!

Receive email notifications when your net2phone Canada Slack Integration subscription is about to expire so that you can renew in a few simple steps without ever skipping a beat


For assistance setting up the net2phone Canada Slack integration, please contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from any net2phone Canada device or by calling 877-498-3772 option 3. Emails will be responded within one business day and can be sent to

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