While net2phone Canada’s service has been engineered to work in most environments without requiring changes to firewalls or other network components, this guide contains information that may help optimize the network for net2phone Canada’s Hosted PBX service.


Note for Rogers Hitron CODA-4582

The Net2Phone service is not compatible with the Rogers Hitron CODA-4582 Modem/Router combo device. Neither updating its firmware nor putting the device in bridge mode will resolve the issue related to its DOCSIS processing. 

If your network currently uses a Rogers Hitron CODA-4582, please reach out to the Net2Phone Canada Support team before continuing with the rest of this guide. 

Contact Us

For immediate assistance, you can contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from your net2phone Canada device or by calling 1-877-498-3772 and choosing option #3. Emails will be responded to within one business day and can be sent to support@net2phone.ca

Protocols & Ports

The net2phone Canada service uses:

  • UDP/IP port 5060 for signaling (SIP)
  • TCP/IP port 5060 for signaling (SIP)
  • TCP/IP port 5061 for signaling (SIP-TLS)
  • TCP/IP port 9002 for signaling (WebRTC) 
  • UDP/IP ports 20000-32000 for audio streams (RTP)
  • TCP/IP port 80 (HTTP) for provisioning 
  • TCP/IP port 443 (HTTPS) for provisioning 

These connections will be initiated by the phone and replied to by net2phone Canada’s soft-switch. We recommend allowing outbound connections on these ports to all hosts when possible, as it avoids having to reconfigure the network device when net2phone Canada’s infrastructure is modified. If a specific address is preferred, allow communication to host proxy-pri.versature.com, proxy-sec.versature.com, proxy-ter.versature.com, webrtc-pri.versature.com, and webrtc-sec.versature.com. For provisioning, and to access net2phone Canada’s online tools, access to websites via TCP/IP ports 80 and 443 is required.

Phone Provisioning

Depending on whether you have Yealink or Polycom devices, we recommend that you allow communication to the corresponding hostnames below.

For Yealink devices - rpscloud.yealink.com
For Polycom devices - ztp.polycom.com

The phones will first reach out to the re-direct servers listed above so that can remotely download their configuration files. If the upon the first power on of the phones they do not receive their extension numbers. Please ensure that the addresses above are whitelisted on your network.


If your firewall or router does not allow you to input fully qualified domain names, use the IP addresses these hostnames resolve to, and add our new IP block 


In the default configuration, each concurrent phone call uses approximately 88 Kbps of bandwidth in each direction. When an internal extension calls another extension on the same LAN, we must account for both legs of the call, which will use twice the bandwidth. Other codecs may be configured to reduce bandwidth use; please inquire as to the options available at your site.

SIP-Aware Devices

Some devices contain a SIP ALG or application-level gateway, and this should be disabled to avoid causing signaling or audio problems with the net2phone Canada Service. Some devices refer to this simply as a checkbox for “Enable SIP,” please disable this feature.

Cisco Devices

On Cisco devices, disable the SIP helper using commands similar to the following:

  • router(config)#no ip nat service sip tcp port 5060
  • router(config)#no ip nat service sip udp port 5060

Quality of Service (QoS)/DiffServ

If your network can prioritize traffic using the industry-standard DiffServ packet markings, please prioritize packets with the marking EF (Expedited Forwarding).

Depending on the specific equipment, here are some values that may assist you:

  • EF DiffServ decimal: 184
  • EF DiffServ hexadecimal: 0xb8
  • EF DiffServ binary: 10111000 (in red: DSCP field)
  • EF DSCP decimal: 46
  • EF DSCP hexadecimal: 0x2e

Note that many third-party networks choose not to honor these markings; however, net2phone Canada’s equipment does add them to real-time packets.

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