The WF50 WiFi Adapter is a USB device that allows you to wirelessly connect your VoIP desk phone to the internet. 


  • Dual-band connectivity 
  • Reliable connection 
  • Plug and play Connect to a 2.4GHz (150 Mbps) Wi-Fi network or 5GHz (up to 433 Mbps) Wi-Fi network


The WF50 WiFi adapter is only compatible with Yealink T43U and T46U phones. 


Before plugging in this device the phone, you will see a "No Service" message. This signifies no internet connection or IP. This error would not change until you activate your adaptor. 

Learn how to set up your Yealink WiFi adapter by following the steps below.

  1.  Insert the adapter into the phone through the USB port located on the back of your phone.  
  2. Enable WiFi (Menu > Basic > Wi-Fi > - On)). 
  3. Navigate to Available Networks (Known Network (press Add) > SSID) and select your WiFi network.
    NOTE T43U Phones: You may have to manually enter your SSID (your wireless network) to the "known devices" section. 
  4.  Enter your WiFi credentials. 

Letters and Special Characters 

You can easily switch your input mode between numbers, title case letters, capital letters, and lowercase letters. Depending on what input mode you are currently in, press the soft key to alternate between 123, Abc, ABC, and abc

You must first return to numerical mode if you have special characters in your password. 

1. Select Encoding, then select 123 (rather than the letter input modes, i.e., Abc, ABC, or abc).

2. Press and hold the star key (*), and use the arrow keys on the navigation pad to find and select your desired special character. 

For more information, check out the Yealink Dual Band WiFi USB Dongle Datatsheet. 

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