The Yealink SIP-T33 is a business IP desk phone, ideal for businesses of all sizes. The model features Yealink HD voice quality and headset compatibility with an easy-to-use interface. 


  • color display screen with 320x240 pixel resolution. 
  • 4 line keys. 
  • 12 memory keys (4 pages of 3 keys). 
  • HD audio. 
  • EHS wireless headset supporting.
  • 3-way local conference functionality.
  • smart noise-filtering technology.


1. Soft Keys. These keys allow you to choose various context-specific options as displayed on the screen directly above them.

2. Line Keys. Select a phone line, view calls on various lines, and quickly call a favorite contact. 

3. Navigator Key. Access, scroll, and select options on the phone screen using these keys.

4. Mute key. Mute your microphone audio from being heard. You can toggle this key to turn the microphone on and off.

5. Headset key. Enables you to use a headset connected to the phone rather than the handset attached to the phone base.

6. Voicemail Key. Access your voicemail messages from your device. If you have voicemail to email  (unified messaging) enabled your messages will not save on your device.

7. Redial key. Redials the previous number dialed. 

8. Speaker key. Turn on and off the speakerphone option.

9. Volume control keys. Turn up or down the volume of the ringer and speaker.

10. Dial keys. Standard 12-key phone dial pad, allows you to make calls and enter characters as indicated by the letters in the superscript font.


For more information check out the Yealink SIP-T33G Data Sheet!

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