Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 provides excellent performance, ideal for medium-sized conference rooms and optimized for calls with up to 12 active participants. 


  • The patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ ensures clear and lifelike audio, catching both lower and higher vocal frequencies.
  • Wide-ranging SIP interoperability.  
  • Microphone smoothly relays up 12 different voices in the room with a sensitivity allowing normal speaking voices to be heard up to 3.5 meters (12 feet) away.  
  • Full-duplex technology ensures there are no distracting drop-outs or missed words.  
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides a simple setup.


  1. LED light status indicator
    Solid Red A call is on mute.
    Flashing Red  A call is on hold. 
    Solid Green Dial-tone is available, or a call is in progress.  
    Flashing Green A call is coming in.  
  2. Scroll keys. Navigate through information on the display screen.  
  3. Select key. Choose a submenu or feature on the display screen.
  4. Soft keys. These keys allow you to choose various context-specific options as displayed on the screen directly above them.
  5. Display screen. Access multiple menus and features, such as the handset phonebook, your call log, and system settings. 
  6. Menu key. Access the main menu, features, settings, and configuration information. You can use this key to exit a screen view and return to the idle screen.
  7. Exit key. Press this key to return to the previous menu. 
  8. Place/answer/end call key. This key is used after dialing a number to place a call, to answer an incoming call, and to end a call. 
  9. Redial key. Redial the call you placed.  
  10. Mute key. Mute your microphone audio from being heard. You can toggle this the key to turn the microphone on and off.
  11. Dial keys. Standard 12-key phone dial pad, allows you to make calls and enter characters as indicated by the letters in the superscript font.
  12. Volume control keysTurn up or down the volume of the ringer and speaker.

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