The Yealink CP925 is a touch-sensitive HD IP conference phone, with an easy UI interaction, well suited for a smaller to a medium-sized conference room.


  • 4" (10.16 cm) color display screen with 480x800 pixel resolution. 
  • 7 microphone array for 360° and build-in Active Voice and Noise Cancelling technology.
  • 20" (6 m) microphone pickup. 
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • 1 USB port.
  • 1 Security Slot that allows you to connect a security cable to your device. 


1. Speakers. Provides audio output.
2. Touch Display Screen.  Access multiple menus and features through the touch-screen interface, such as your call log, directory, and system settings.
3. Volume control keyTurn up the volume of the ringer and speaker.
4. Touch Mute key. Mute your microphone audio from being heard. You can toggle this key to turn the microphone on and off.
5. Volume control keyTurn down the volume of the ringer and speaker.

You can find the USB Type-C Port and Security Slot on the underside of the device. 

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