Call Center - Agents and My Account

The Call Center section is designed to give you fast access to the most important and frequently viewed information for your call queues. Call center supervisors must be in My Account to access this version of the Call Center tab.

There are five components of the Call Center section:

  • My queues
  • My statistics
  • Status (Online/ Offline)
  • Active phones
  • Recent call history

My Queues 

All call queues that you are assigned to will be listed here. Your queues will be displayed with:

  • the name, 
  • the extension number, 
  • the type of queue, 
  • the queue’s priority, 
  • the wrap-up time, and,
  • the number of callers waiting.

My Statistics 

This section displays important data in three graphs: 

  • My Calls Per Day (for the last 10 days), 
  • My Calls Per Hour (for the last 24 hours), and,
  • Call by Organization Source (for the last 24 hours).

Online Status 

This section allows you to switch between online/offline or single-call mode. You can provide a reason for being offline such as your lunch, a meeting, a break, etc.

NOTE: When in single-call mode, you will receive one call and then automatically be put into offline mode when the call is completed.

Active Phones 

If you have multiple phones or devices connected, you can select which ones to log in by checking the box next to the name of each device you want to use. When you switch between devices, a pop-up message will confirm which device is currently active.

Sonar Phone Status

Instructions for Call Center Agents, and Call Center Supervisors in My Account. If you encounter issues with your webphone's online status, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Sonar Client Portal.
    2. Click on the Sonar Phone link at the top of the page.
    3. Select Go Online.
    4. Navigate to a different tab within the Sonar Phone interface, such as "Call History" or "Voicemail." Be aware that this action may cause your Sonar phone to go offline.

Sonar Phone Troubleshooting

If your Sonar phone goes offline, follow these steps to resync:

  1. Navigate to the Call Center tab.
  2. Change your status to "Single Call Mode" or “Lunch.”
  3. Select Online to sync your webphone with the Sonar Phone status.

Pro Tips for Call Center Status 

If you launch Sonar Phone while you are Offline in Sonar, no issues will occur.

If you are Online in Sonar, launch Sonar Phone, and dial *51 to log in, and it will work fine.


Recent Call History 

You can quickly see the most recent inbound, outbound, and missed calls. Most recent calls are listed at the top.

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