In a world where a significant amount of transactions are digital, data security is of utmost importance. To protect our clients from unauthorized and corrupt data access, our intelligent transcription technology uses redaction and encryption.

What puts cardholder data at risk? 

You can put cardholder data at risk by storing: 

  • payment card numbers, 
  • card expiration dates, 
  • payment card verification codes, and,  
  • customer data from the payment card magnetic stripe. 

What is PCI compliance, and who needs to worry about it?  

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) includes several technical and operational security standards that all companies processing credit card information must maintain. There are different levels of security and specific standards that apply. 

Learn more about PCI compliance.  

How can my business ensure PCI compliance over the phone? 

Your business phone service provider must offer both call redaction and encryption for your business to remain compliant. If your VoIP provider does not provide these services, your business will be subject to PCI audits and may face fines if found non-compliant. 

Versature offers Intelligent Transcription, Redaction, and Encryption. 

What is Intelligent Transcription? 

Intelligent Transcription coverts recorded calls to text while editing out filler words and redacting sensitive information. Learn more about call records, transcriptions, and keyword search

What is Redaction? 

Within call recordings, call redaction technology identifies and removes sensitive information such as credit card numbers and CVVs. If a thief did gain call recordings or call transcriptions, this confidential information is blacked out and silenced, ensuring the peculators cannot steal from your business or your clients. 

What is encryption? 

Encryption technology presents transmitted data as unreadable by any unauthorized person. Versature enables encryption to ensure that our clients' digital data cannot be stolen for malicious intent. You will be able to identify which devices are encrypted by a lock symbol on the device's screen. 

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