Change Seconds To Minutes And Hours In Google Sheets™

With your net2phone Canada Google Sheets add-on, Call Record Details (CDRs) have recorded call durations in seconds, but you can easily convert your data to hours and minutes using the following steps: 

  1. Open a Google Sheet™ that has a second duration column you want to change to minutes and hours. 
  2. Click on a cell in an empty column in the same row of the duration column you want to convert.
  3. Within the cell, type an equal sign (=) followed by the cell unit you want to convert. For example, if I want to convert seconds-to-minutes duration in cell I2, I would type =I2. 
  4. Divide =(cell) by 86400. 


5. Press enter to convert the formula to a number. 

6. Ensure the cell or column with your new number is selected and click Format > Number > Duration

7. Drag the corner on your formatted duration cell down the column for any other rows you want to also apply the formula.

Your new column will have the recorded second-duration (i.e., 25) coverted to hours, minutes, and seconds (i.e., 00:00:25).  

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