blueC Integration with Sonar

Now with Sonar, you can integrate with blueBulter's software for VoIP: blueC.  

What is blueC?

blueC is a specialized software platform designed by blueButler for insurance agencies and brokers. It focuses on improving call management, providing detailed call recordings, and streamlining essential workflows. blueC helps insurance agencies offer better customer experiences, gain operational efficiency, and strengthen their protection against errors and omissions risks. 

Learn more about blueC for VoIP! 

How does blueC work? 

blueC integrates seamlessly with VoIP phone systems (like net2phone Canada) by leveraging APIs to access call information and recordings. 

Records and stores your call
blueC automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls made through your net2phone system, providing a secure and organized archive of your conversations with customers. 

Analyzes your calls 
It offers tools to review call recordings, add notes, and tag essential parts of conversations. This helps you track important information and identify areas for improvement in client communication. 

Automates your workflows
blueC can link with your agency's management software to trigger specific actions based on the call content. For example, it can automatically create follow-up tasks, send reminders, or update customer records with relevant call details. 

Provides management insights
blueC generates reports and dashboards that offer valuable insights into staff performance, customer interactions, and overall agency operations. 

How to set up blueC with net2phone Canada

The configuration process must be done in tandem with a net2phone Canada representative. If you want to configure the blueC integration to your organization's Sonar platform, contact the Canadian Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from any net2phone Canada device, or call 1-877-498-3772, option #3.

BlueC Integration Notes

  • The blueC integration process is quick, there should not be any disruption to your phone service. 
  • Once everything is set up, your calls will start flowing into your blueC system, giving you all the advanced call management tools they provide. 
  • While net2phone doesn't charge for the integration, you will be responsible for any fees associated with your blueC subscription.
  1. Sign up for blueC
    Before we can connect your net2phone system with blueC, you'll need an active blueC account. To explore the features and pricing of blueC and to sign up, please contact blueButler directly. 
  2. Contact net2phone fulfillment
    Once you have a blueC account, please email our fulfillment team at to start the blueC integration process. 
  3. We'll prepare your account
    We'll make the necessary adjustments to your net2phone account to ensure it's ready to work seamlessly with blueC. We may need some additional information about your net2phone account and blueC setup. 
  4. We'll notify blueButler
    Once we've completed our part, we'll let blueButler know they can finalize the integration on their end. To confirm the integration status, you can follow up directly with them. 

Find blueC on your Invoice 

We understand that you want to keep track of your expenses. There is no additional charge associated with the blueC integration itself.

blueC integration will be reflected on your net2phone invoice as a line item: 
“Integrated Call Recording - $0”

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