The call queue callback is a new feature designed to enhance the experience for your clients calling into your call queues. If someone calls into a call queue and all the agents are currently unavailable, they will now have the option request a callback. This is ideal for the caller, no one enjoys sitting on hold or waiting in a backed-up queue. 


If the call queue callback feature is something you want for your organization you must contact support so they can enable the feature for you. 

Once call queue call back is enabled you will have see the feature in the "Pre Queue Options" of the call center tab of the SONAR portal, as shown below. 


Office managers and call center supervisors can preset the amount of time a caller will wait before a pre-recorded message kicks in. The system prompt will give them two options: they can choose to press 2 to leave a voicemail, or press 3 to request a callback. 

If option 3 is pressed the system will read the caller's ID number. The caller can then choose to press 1 to confirm the callback number, or press 2 to change the number. If the number is changed the system will read back the new number to ensure it is correct. 


The number must be a direct dial. Numbers that require an extension will not work as the system will only accept 10 digit numbers. 

As soon as an agent becomes available the agent will get a call. The call will appear to be the exact same as any other call coming into the queue, however, when they answer the agent will hear a message asking them press 1 to confirm the callback. After pressing 1 their phone will automatically dial back the original caller. If they don’t press 1, the call will remain on the agent's phone for 10 seconds, and then will go to the next available agent. If there is only one agent, their phone it will continue ringing until the call is answered, or the missed call stat will go up by one. 


1. Navigate to the Call Queue tab. You must be "Manage Organization/Call Center" view to access the Call Queue tab. 

2. Choose the queue you want to enable the callback feature for and click the name of the queue. 

3. Ensure you are in the Pre Queue Options tab and change the Allow Callback Option to Yes.

4. Click Save.

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