Every onboarding process is a little different. At net2phone Canada we always strive to give the best service possible, so we have outlined exactly what you can expect! 


I will reach out to you within the next business day to schedule a call to review your needs and discuss the implementation of your new net2phone Canada system.


After your onboarding agent has gone over your organization's needs, you will need to complete some documentation, which will be sent through email. 

  • The first thing we need from you is to fill in a User Spreadsheet with emails (as voicemails will go to the email provided), and extension numbers (which should be 3-4 digits long). 
  • Designate authorized contacts for your account by completing a Contact Assignment Form. Please note that Admin contacts can request any changes made on the account, and Billing contacts will receive your invoices by email.  
  • We also need an online porting form list of the phone numbers you want to be transferred to our system. Before completing this, please review Number Porting Information

Once your onboarding agent has received the completed documents, they will create your account, users, and an approximate call flow based on the initial conversation. Hardware is ordered to your desired location if applicable.


Once the account is created, your onboarding agent will reach out to schedule a training session on our web portal, SONAR. During this session, you can ask questions and see exactly how you can manage your system to configure it so that it meets all your needs.

Once training is completed and any requested hardware is received, you will test the system using our recommended Deployment Test Plan. If you also received phones, you will need to connect them to ensure they register properly. We recommend you or your IT contact review our Optimization Guide for Enterprise Networks for our recommended network settings.


Contacts and Resources! 

Download a reference sheet for your net2phone Canada contacts here! 



Once you are satisfied with how the system is set up, we will submit the Number Port request. This typically takes 5-7 business days to complete. depending on the information provided on the form below.


Your onboarding agent will notify you once the number is transferred, and you are live on our system!

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