A new password security feature has been added to the latest Poly (previously Polycom) firmware versions (5.9.7 and above). If you've received a brand-new Poly phone from us, the device may ask for a password. You must complete the steps below so that the phone can register with our service.  Once all steps have been completed, the phone will provision with net2phone Canada credentials, and the admin password issue will no longer exist.

How to Change the Default Admin Password 

All provisioning has already been set up, the new password is an initial safeguard Poly has put in place. You must bypass the “Update Admin Password” screen and change the default admin password. 

  1. From the Set Admin Password screen, enter the current password “456” in the “Old Password” field. 
  2. Use the directional pad to arrow down to the “New Password” field. 
  3. Choose a password you would like to use and enter your new password with the device keys. 
  4. Use the directional pad again to arrow down to the “Confirm New” field. 
  5. Once confirmed, press the “Enter’’ softkey on the bottom right.


Now that the default admin password has been changed, you can access the phone's menu and perform a factory reset to attempt to reach the net2phone system again.



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