Hot desking, also known as hoteling, is generally used in office spaces where there are no assigned desks for employees. Instead, they may “check-in” to an open seat. The two terms have slightly different meanings.

Hot Desking: Office spaces that are unassigned and employees can use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hoteling: Office spaces that can be reserved in advance for use.   

Often, organizations implement hot-desking/hoteling when they:

  • have a higher level of part-time staff.
  • have employees that rotate between multiple locations.
  • have a higher level of remote workers who occasionally need an in-office space. 


  1. Press the Login softkey.

  2. Enter your extension (called "account number" on voice prompts).

  3. Enter your PIN (this is the same PIN used to access your voicemails, it is called "password" on voice prompts).

  4. Press the pound key after you have entered your PIN.

  5. Press 2 to confirm (called, “change owner” on voice prompts).  


  • You will always need to press 2 to confirm that you are logging in, regardless of whether or not the phone currently has an owner. 
  • If you log in to a device that has not been logged out of, the voice prompt will say, “the owner is _____ (extension number), to change owner press 2.” You will hear an extension number as the owner, i.e., "the owner is 123." 
  • If you log in to a device that is unassigned, the voice prompt will say, “the owner is '------', to change owner press 2.” You will not hear anything as the owner, but rather, a pause of silence.   


To log out, press the Logout soft key (depending on the configuration of your device you may or may not see this key; if you do not see this soft key press the More soft key first).  

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