Local Directory Assistance (N11 Services)

Service codes, referred to as "N11 codes" because of their format, are used to provide three-digit dialling access to special services (e.g., 411 Local Directory Assistance).

What is N11 Service?

N11 code services differ locally; you search for which local N11 service codes are available in your area. Unfortunately, some areas do not offer N11 service. 

Where can I see what N11 numbers are offered locally? 

The Canadian Numbering Administrator N11 Code Page.

The Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline can be obtained from the CRTC website. 

Common N11 services in Canada 
(click here to learn more about 911 emergency service). 

211 - Public Information and Referral Services

311 - Non-emergency Municipal Government Services

511 - Weather and Traveler Information Services

811 - Non-urgent Health Care Telephone Triage Services

Aside from 311, the rest are typically managed by the province/territory (where available).

How does N11 service work for my VoIP service?

The service we use will look at the area code and exchange of the caller, and try to match with the local service.

For example, if you call 311 from the office, you'll get the City of Ottawa. If you call it from a 416 number, you'll get Toronto's N11 service.

Unsure about what N11 services are available to you?

Contact our Technical Support team by dialling 611 from any net2phone Canada device. Emails can be sent to support@net2phone.ca and will be responded to within 1 business day. 


Want to remove an extension that doubles as an N11 service in your area? 

User extensions can be changed by opening a ticket: email orders@net2phone.ca and a net2phone Canada agent will reach out to you. 


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