The Sonar portal allows you to configure your desk phones with the ease of a web-browser. Call parking is a unique caller-intake feature that allows users to answer calls and place them in “waiting spots,” which anyone with that park-line enabled can answer, bringing the call out of call-hold and onto their line. 

Call Park Number System 

Call park queues must be part of the 8950-8959 numbering system to ensure they work as expected; for example, 8951. 

  1. Log into the Sonar client portal with your net2phone Canada credentials. 
  2. Click the Call Queue tab. 
  3. Click Add Call Queue. 
  4. Enter the Name (e.g., Call Park Slot 1). 
  5. Enter the Extension: (e.g., 8951). Please make sure the extension numbers that you use are between 8950-8959 to ensure they work with our system correctly.
  6.  Choose the radio button Type "Call Park." 
  7. Click Add

Assign your new Call Park with Hotkey Builder 

Once you have created your call parks, you must use the Hotkey Builder in Sonar to add them to your phones before rebooting.

Learn how to assign line keys. 


Call Park 1 should be on line 2!

You must configure the button as a Call Park and name the button something like: "Park 1" or “Line 1,” however, call parks should never be placed on the first directory line of your net2phone device. 

It's very important that when you're editing the buttons in the Hotkey Builder, phones NEVER edit the first line on the phone, as this will disrupt the phone's configuration. 



Once you have assigned call parks to line keys, you use your call park with any connected devices. 

  1. After answering a call, press the correct call park line-key button.
    The caller will be parked, and all phones configured with the Call Park will then see a red LED light, indicating that a caller is waiting. 
  2. To retrieve the call from any connected phone, pick up the handset and press the Call Park line-key again; this will recover the call.

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