Yealink W60P or W76P are cordless DECT IP phones, the set includes a base: either the W60P base or W76P, and W56H handset. Both models allow users to connect up to 8 DECT wireless handsets to a base configured with as many as 8 separate user extensions or DIDs (one per cordless handset). Ideal for businesses that desire portability, remote working locations, and the convenience of easily adding additional wireless handsets to your solution if needed.


  • Up to 10 handsets per base.
  • Up to 6 repeaters per base station 
  • 240-hour standby time, and 18-hour talk time. 
  • Quick charging feature.
  • Lithium battery. 
  • 50-meter (54.7 yards) indoor range, and 300-meter (328 yards) outdoor range. 
  • 6 cm (2.4") display screen with 240 x 320 pixel resolution. 
  • HD audio. 
  • 3-way conference calling. 
  • Wall mountable base. 

Need a ruggedized handset? 

The Yealink W59R is an alternative handset option compatible with the W60B Base station. The W59R features: 

  • Built-in Bluetooth.
  • Vibration alarm, functions for occupational safety: 
    • push-button alarm,
    • no-movement alarm, 
    • man-down alarm, and, 
    • running alarm.
  • 28 hours of talk time (18 hours with Bluetooth headset).
  • 360 hours of standby time (200 hours with Bluetooth headset).


1. Message Waiting Indicator Light. Flashes red when a new voicemail message is waiting. 

2. Display Screen.  Access multiple menus and features, such as the handset phonebook, your call log, and system settings.

3. Soft Keys. These keys allow you to choose various context-specific options as displayed on the screen directly above them.

4. Voicemail Key. Access your voicemail messages from your device. If you have voicemail to email (unified messaging) enabled your messages will not save on your device.

5. Navigator Key. Access, scroll, and select options on the phone screen using these keys.

6. On-hook/Power Key.

  • Press briefly to return to the previous screen.
  • Long press to return to the idle screen.
  • Press to turn the handset on/off.

7. Mute key. Mute your microphone audio from being heard. You can toggle this key to turn the microphone on and off.

8. Handset cradle. Charges your handset. 

9. Transfer (TRAN) key. While on a call you can use this key to send an attended (warm) call transfer.

10. Off-hook key/Answer key. 

  • Answers an incoming call.
  • Enters the redial calls list.
  • Places a call in receiver or headset mode.

11. Speaker key. Turn on and off the speakerphone option.

12. Paging key

  • Locates a misplaced handset.
  • Toggles the registration mode.
  • Resets the base station to factory settings.

13. Registration LED. Indicates handset registration status or the base station is in the paging mode.

14. Network Status LED. Indicates the network status.

15. Power LED indicator. Indicates the power status of the base station.

After the base station is successfully configured and the handset is registered to the base station, all LEDs on the base station glow green in sequence.

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