How do I set up my Panasonic? 

Use the ethernet cable that comes with your unit and plug one end into the port of the base and the other into your internet router, modem, or switch. Plug the AC adaptor into a power outlet.   

The handset comes with a charging cradle that needs to be plugged into a power outlet. 

Once the handset is charged, press and hold the red power key to turn the handset on. 

When you are ready to make and receive calls, the status light on the base will be green. 

I need a bigger range, what can I do? 

You can get repeaters to expand the range of your cordless phone. One repeater expands indoor range from 50m (164 feet) to 200m (656 feet). If you have a space that needs a very wide range from the base, you can daisy-chain multiple repeaters.   

How do I transfer a call? 

Blind Transfer (sent directly to the recipient without introduction):

  1. While on a call, press the Blind soft key, the party waiting to be transferred will be put on hold and you can hear a dial tone. 
  2. Dial an extension or 10 digit number and press the Call soft key.

NOTE: If you want to cancel the transfer, press the Cancel soft key.

Attended Transfer (introduce a call before sending a transfer): 

1. While on a call, press the Transfer key (located directly below the red end call/power key), the party waiting to be transferred will be put on hold and you can hear a dial tone. 

2. Dial an extension or 10 digit number and press the Call soft key.  

3. Introduce the call, if the transfer is accepted, press the Transfer soft key again to complete the transfer. 

NOTE: If the call is not accepted, or you want to cancel at any point, press the Cancel soft key once if you haven't entered an extension, and twice if you have. This will bring you back to the original caller.

 How do I make a conference call?

You can conference call with up to two other parties, also known as a three-way call.

  1. While on a call, press the Conference key. The original party you were speaking to is placed on hold. 
  2. Dial an extension or 10 digit number and press the Send soft key. 
  3. After the second party has answered, press the Conference key again to merge the calls. 

How do I use the speaker function (i.e., hands-free mode)?

While on a call, press the green Call key to enable speakerphone. Press the Call key again to disable speaker.  


How do I find missed calls? 

  1. Press the middle soft key for Menu.
  2. Navigate to the Incoming Log (icon with an arrow pointing towards a handset) and click.
  3. Choose "missed call."

My handset is charged, why isn't it on?

If your headset dies and is recharged, you still have to manually turn it on; similar to smartphones, which can be charged while powered off. 

Press and hold the power key (the red/hang-up key) to turn the handset on. 

I lost my handset, how can I find it? 

You can find your handset by pressing a paging button on the KT-TGP600 base. The handset locator button is located on the side of the base, level with the status light. 

How do enable silent mode? 

Silent mode turns off the ringer. To activate, press and hold the silent mode key for 3 seconds. 

NOTE: When silent mode is on, the low battery alarm will also be silent.

How do I use the handset phonebook?

The left softkey or the right arrow of the navigation pad will open the phonebook. 

To create an entry, press the middle navigation key to open the menu, and go to "New Phonebook" to enter a contact's information. 

How do I listen to a voicemail message through my phone? 

Using the star code *98 is a fast way to access your voicemails. You can also press the Messages key.


Why won't my battery hold a charge?

Sometimes the batteries need to be replaced, they can't hold a charge as long or they stop working. We recommend the 1.2V HR03/NiMH AAA Rechargeable Batteries.

How do I change the ringer volume?  

To adjust the ringer volume, you can press the up arrow of the navigation pad or go to the menu and open Ringer Volume

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