Learn how to add, join, and share Huddles. Don't forget to add Huddle's Google Calendar integration for seamless video conference scheduling! Log in to Huddle using your SONAR credentials (extension@domain). 

Start a New Huddle  

Starting a Huddle is easy! There are two options for new Huddles, which are both accessed from the homepage

Start Huddle will immediately begin a video conference; share the Meeting Information with anyone you want to join!  

Once you have clicked to join, you can access the pre-lobby settings and see who else is in the waiting room.

Create Recurring Huddles

You can also add a Recurring Huddle with the + icon. This kind of Huddle is helpful for regular meetings; you can join these conferences anytime.

Join an Existing Huddle 

You can join Huddles through the application itself, through the Meeting ID and Passcode, or with Google Calendar. 

Share a Huddle Video Conference 

Sharing Huddle through Google or Microsoft Calendar will give participants their login information automatically. 

Invite anyone to join a Huddle, anytime! 

For non-scheduled Huddles and for participants who do not have a Huddle account: click the + button at the bottom of a Huddle to send an email with all the information the recipient will need. 


The recipient will get all the information via email, as shown in the email below. You can test this process by emailing yourself an invite!


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