The Attendant Console is useful for anyone who is regularly transferring calls. 

Access the Attendant Console 

From any page of SONAR, click the blue Attendant Console Link at the top of the page.

There are 4 sections within the Attendant Console, as well as the dial pad and active calls.

  • Contacts 
  • Call Queues 
  • Auto Attendants 
  • Call Parking 


The contacts section displays all the contacts you have saved in the Contact section of SONAR. You can:

  • Search contacts by name or extension, 
  •  filter through department, 
  •  sort by first name, last name, online status, and extension, and,  
  • create groups. 


The Call Queue section displays all the call queues in your organization. By default, it is sorted from the queue with the most-to-least available agents, however, you can also sort by name and extension number. 

While on a call, you can drag and drop to place the caller in an extension queue in the list. 


The Auto Attendants section behaves in a similar way as the Call Queue section. Auto attendants are listed by name or extension.

While on a call, you can drag and drop to place the caller into an auto attendant, so they can hear the pre-recorded options available to them.  


The Attendant Console offers Dynamic Call Parking, which assigns incoming calls to available queues without manual drag-and-drop. 

You must have pre-existing call parks enabled for this section to populate with call parks; otherwise, this section will be empty.

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