SONAR offers an SMS queue option, so your clients have the option of calling or texting a call queue. 

You must be an office manager or call center supervisor.  

  • You must be "Manage organization/call center" view to access SMS queue configuration options. 
  • You can access your personal SMS history in "My Account" view under the Messages tab. 
  • Check out SMS through SONAR for information on sending, receiving, and viewing SMS (and MMS) messages. 
  • MMS messages can only be best to a single number, not a group. 


  1. Navigate to the Call Queue tab.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the call queue you want to configure SMS with.
  3. Click the SMS sub-tab. 
  4. Toggle the SMS Enabled to "Yes." From here, you can set the SMS queue options.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the agent icon for the call queue you just configured.
  7. For all of the agents that you want to receive SMS queue messages,  click the pencil icon next to their name and set the Max SMS Session between 1 and 5.  
  8. Click Save Agent.


  • MMS messages can only be best to a single number, not a group. 
  • SONAR must be open for agents to receive messages. 
  • If agents are using a Chrome browser (which is recommended), they can turn on Chrome notifications for a pop-up. 
  • You can use the mobile app for SMS
  • Agents are automatically set to receive zero SMS sessions; you must always set the Max SMS Sessions between 1 and 5 for the agent to receive queue SMS messages. 
  • SMS queues are always round-robin. 
  • Hover over the information icon for a description!

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