When using Google Chrome with the SONAR phone your "Memory Saver" (which is typically disabled by default) occasionally becomes re-enabled on some devices. This can cause SONAR webphone calls to be dropped if your browser detects high memory usage and tries to improve performance.
If you are experiencing this issue, please read the solutions below for Chrome and Edge web browsers.

What is Google Memory Saver? 

In preparation for the latest Chrome release, Google is slowly introducing two new performance settings which allow Chrome to use up to 40% less memory when it's running low. These settings are called "Memory Saver" and "Energy Saver" and when enabled they can force calls to drop when your computer is running low on memory. 


Chrome Browser Users

To determine if you have this setting enabled,

  1. Navigate to your Chrome Settings.
  2. Click the Performance Tab.
  3. Disable the Memory and Energy Saver options.  

If you do not see the Performance tab, you have not yet been included in this release yet. 

Learn more from Google Chrome Support. 


Edge Browser Users

Navigate to your Edge Browser Settings, and search for "Optimize Performance" or navigate to the "Save resources with Sleeping Tabs" tab, and toggle off the "Turn on efficiency mode" option. 

Learn more from Microsoft Support


What do I do if I'm experiencing dropped calls and I don't have these features enabled in my browser?!

After completing these steps, if you continue to experience issues such as dropped calls, please email your most recent example (with your browser type and operating system, as well as the time of call, and phone numbers involved) to


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