How do I set up my new Polycom phone?

The Polycom VXX 250, 350, and 450 IP phones come with a desk phone and an ethernet cable. Simply plug the ethernet cable in the LAN port on the phone and plug the other end of the ethernet cable into a wall port. It's that easy!  

How do I transfer a call?

Blind Transfer (sent directly to the recipient without introduction):

  1. While on a call, press the Trnsfer soft key, or Transfer key on the VVX350 and VVX450.
  2. Press the Blind soft key 
  3. Dial an extension or 10 digit number and press the Call soft key.
NOTE: If you want to cancel the transfer, press the Cancel soft key.

Attended Transfer (introduce a call before sending a transfer): 

The default transfer type is Attended. 

To make the default transfer type Blind, please contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 611 from your Versature device or by calling 1-877-498-3772 and choosing option #3. Emails will be responded to within 1 business day and can be sent to support@versature.com.  

1. While on a call, press the Trnsfer soft key, or Transfer key on the VVX350 and VVX450.

2. Dial an extension, 10 digit number, or a contact, and press the Call soft key.  

3. Introduce the call, if the transfer is accepted, press the Transfer soft key again to complete the transfer. 

NOTE: If the call is not accepted, or you want to cancel at any point, press the Cancel soft key once if you haven't entered an extension, and twice if you have. This action will bring you back to the original caller.

How do I enable Do Not Disturb (DND)?

Enabling DND will automatically reject all incoming calls and send them to straight to voicemail. You can see all you missed calls in your call history or by pressing the down arrow of the navigation pad. 

When DND is enabled, you will see an icon with a phone and a red circle with a minus symbol, as shown below. 

To enable/disable DND, press the DND soft key.  

How can I listen to a voicemail through my device? 

1. Dial *98.

2. Enter your voicemail PIN. 

3. Follow the voice prompts to listen to new or saved voicemails. 

NOTE: You cannot listen to voicemails if you have any calls on any line of your device. 

How do I find missed calls or see my call history?

You can use the navigation pad to access your call history. 

Missed calls: press the down arrow key

Received calls: press the left arrow key. 

Placed calls: press the right arrow key.

You can also view call history by selecting Directories and then Recent Calls

How can I initiate a conference (three-way) call?

There are two ways you can initiate a conference call. 

Using the Confrnc soft key, before dialing out a third party. 

  1. While on a call, press the Confrnc soft key. The first party you were speaking to is placed on hold. 
  2. Dial an extension or 10 digit number and press the Send soft key. 
  3. After the second party has answered, press the Confrnc key again to merge the calls. 

Using the Join soft key, while on a call with another call on hold. 

  1. From the active call, press the Join 
NOTE: If you have multiple calls on hold the Join soft key will not be available.

After you set up a conference call, you can:

  • place the conference call on hold.
  • split the conference call into two calls on hold.
  • end the conference call.

How do I change my ringtone? 

For all incoming calls, 

1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences.

2. Press Ring Type

3. Select a new ringtone from the list.

NOTE: If you want to hear the ringtone, press Play.

Once you have selected a ringtone is automatically saved. You can exit the Ring Type menu by pressing the Back soft key or the Home key.

For individual contacts, 

1. Navigate to Directories > Contact Directory

2. Select the contact whose ringtone you want to change. 

3. Press Edit.

4. From the Edit Contact screen, press Ring Type.

5.  Select a new ringtone from the list.

6. Press Save before exiting. 

How can I access my Contact Directory and Create New Contacts?  

To view your contact directory open the main menu, and select Directories then Contact Directory

Creating New Contacts 

1. Navigate to Directories, then Contact Directory

2. Press Add

3. Add in the information for your new contact. 

4. Press Save before exiting. 

You can choose the information you want to enter for each contact; however, you are required to include the contact's number and name.

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