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Welcome Email 

You will receive a welcome email that contains a link prompting you to complete your account setup by creating your password and voicemail PIN.

Unsure of your first log-in? Check out Your First SONAR Log In.


At net2phone Canada, we use the same username and password to log into all of our products. 

Your username is always your extension number @ your domain.


Your password needs to contain 8 characters, with at least 1 capital letter and 1 number.

    e.g., Mypassword1


Once you have logged into the client portal, we recommend updating a few initial settings.


Do you understand your user scope and access??

Basic Users - 7 tabs, the first is Home
Office Managers - 10 tabs in Manage Organization view, with My Account view, and Account Preferences.  
Call Center Agents - 3 tabs, the first is Call Center
Call Center Supervisors - 7 tabs, the first is Call Center

Create a Voicemail Greeting 

You can record a greeting through your desk phone, upload a recording in a .wav or .mp3 file format, or use our text-to-speech feature in English or French; learn how to create a voicemail with step-by-step instructions and a walkthrough video! 

Record your Name for Auto Attendant Directory

If your organization has auto attendant directories, you should configure this setting so clients can easily find you! Auto attendant directories give callers an option to search for employees by their last name or extension number. 


Depending on your organization's needs, you may be asked to one or a combination of our VoIP phone products.

Unsure what kind of phone(s) you are using? 

No need to play a guessing game, there is an easy way to check all of your connected devices in the SONAR portal! 

Click the Phones tab to see all your connected devices. 

If your device is online, you will see a green checkmark, if your device is offline, you still see a red X. 

If you have multiple devices, multiple extensions will be listed with a letter beside it (i.e. 200b, 200c). Your primary device will have no letter (i.e. 200). 

  • Mobile App = 123m
  • SonarPhone = 123wp
  • Additional hardphones = 123b, 123c, 123e etc…

Get to know your devices! 

Now that you have identified the device(s) you are using, check out some Overviews and FAQs! 

Desk Phones
SONAR Phone (softphone) 

Conference Phones

Cordless Phones

The SONAR Mobile App  

Learn how to optimize your call quality

You already know that your new VoIP system relies on an internet connection, the Call Quality section for:

  • Overviews, 
  • Best practices, 
  • Common issues, and, 
  • Recommended hardware. 

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