Performance Wallboards use SONAR metrics to display your call data visually through different component types. All metrics are updated every minute. Our team of developers designed Wallboard to be suitable for viewing on both large screens and smaller computer monitors.  Office managers and call center supervisors can edit performance wallboards through the Insights portal. 

You can manipulate wallboards so that they include your call data the way you want to see it. Basic users, call center supervisors, and agents can access wallboards via URLs provided by managers.

Don't have Access? 

Insights are available through the Call Center bundle, and if you want to discuss your included features and get access to Insights, please reach out to; emails will be responded to within 1 business day. 


Wallboard Notes 

  • Refresh every minute.
  • Include agent and queue stats (inbound/outbound). 
  • Have 4 component options for all metrics (gauge, value, table, chart), as well as a textbox and a clock. 
  • Do not require presentation software to display on screens. 
  • Come in pre-built dashboards.   
  • Use drag and drop manipulation for customizable design. 


Wallboards have endless possibilities for component parts and to customize your visual layout. Whether you have multiple call queues you want to track the stats of, or you want to play around the information display for a particular call queue, the choice is yours.

Only office managers can create and edit Wallboards. 



Take a tour by clicking the information icon.

You can exit the tour at any time by clicking the outside the highlighted area.  


After navigating to the Wallboard section of your Insights portal, you can find a list of all the Wallboards you have created.

You can quickly identify:

  • The name of the Wallboard.
  • The date the Wallboard was last modified and who modified it.
  • If the Wallboard is set to private or not; only the person that created the Wallboard can access it. 
  • If the Wallboard is set to demo mode or not; demo mode populates Wallboards with fake data so you can see more clearly how a Wallboard will look with real data. 
  • If the Wallboard is set to the dark mode or not; dark mode uses a black background while regular mode uses a white background, as shown in the screenshots below. 
  • The Present button, i.e., the small monitor icon on the right-most side, allows you to display the Wallboard in presentation format.


While in editing mode, you can see six icons in the top right corner.

Feature Tour

Take a walkthrough tour to learn how to navigate Wallboards and all the features that are available to you. You can take a tour in the Wallboard list page as well as within the editing mode of any Wallboard, as depicted in the Tip above. 

Additional Options 

The Additional Options button gives access to more Wallboard options without cluttering your editing screen. 

Description - Easily change the name of your Wallboard. Remember that the name of your Wallboard is shown at the top of the screen, even in presentation mode. 

Private Wallboard - You always share Wallboards via URL accessed by the "Get Link to Share" button. Private Wallboards require the recipient to enter their Versature credentials before they can see any stats and data. Your Versature credentials are your extension@yourdomain and your SONAR PIN/password. 

Demo Mode - demo mode populates your Wallboard with fake data so you can see how your graphs and charts look once they're live. Keeping demo mode off displays your current data. 

Load in Dark Mode - preselect if you want your Wallboard to have a white or black background, as shown in the section below. 


While in editing mode the Wallboard will not automatically refresh its numbers. You must manually refresh if you want to see updated figures.


If you create a new Wallboard, you must save it before leaving the page. Changes made to existing Wallboards are saved automatically. 

Get Link to Share 

The URL allows anyone to display the Wallboard from any web browser; however, Wallboards must be set to public to share.


You cannot undo this action. A warning message appears to confirm you want to delete a Wallboard.


Just click, hold, and drag components around your wallboard to reposition them. The titled background indicates that you are currently in editing mode. 


Once you have shared your Wallboard, you have the option toggle between white and black themes. You can find the theme icon (black and white circle) in the top right corner. 


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