Just a phone? No way! At net2phone Canada we offer a multitude of products, integrations, and features; and with net2phone Canada's Trust page, you get updates so you never have to worry about unresolved issues! 


net2phone Canada Insights takes your call data to the next level to give you actionable insight into the operations of your company, customer experiences, and employee performance. 

Performance Wallboards - use SONAR metrics to display your call data visually through different component types. Create a culture of high performance and accountability at team, cross-team, and individual levels. All metrics are updated every minute. Wallboards are suitable for both large screens and smaller computer monitors. 

The Call Centre Web Header - use a snippet of injectable code that creates an information banner with your call centers name, wait times, and the number of callers in the queue. Use pre-authored javascript code provided by net2phone Canada; you can inject the code on any website, customize the look and feel, and provide current hold times and queue statistics.

Long-Term Recordings - view, filter, and listen to call recordings for longer than 6 months. Within the long-term recording section of Insights, you can also keyword search and view call recording transcriptions. You can easily see if agents are hitting those important business talking points, or track if common pain-points and issues are arising in conversations.

Google Sheets - get the most of your call data and better understand the numbers behind your success. After a simple download, you’re ready to start importing your personal call data or your company's call data. To learn how to download the integration and access your call data, check out: 


The net2phone Canada TRUST initiative provides public insight into live and historical system status updates. net2phone Canada is pleased to offer proactive and up-to-the-minute notifications on service levels affecting our user base.

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Whether your team is remote or in-office, net2phone Canada is proud to offer seamless video conferencing with Huddle! 


We have developed several integrations with cloud-based tools to incorporate into your business workflow. Integrations can help boost productivity, improve data collection quality, and monitor call performance.  


All integrations use your net2phone Canada credentials.  

Microsoft Teams 
Make and receive net2phone Canada-supported calls through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Record net2phone Canada call details and activity notes into leads, tickets, and contacts with a single click of a button.

Zoho CRM
Call right from within the CRM platform, with easy note-taking and follow-up actions all saved within the lead or contact record.

Zendesk Support
Sync incoming calls to existing customer information from within the Zendesk platform.

Connect the net2phone Canada platform to Zapier and create your own basic information and workflows with the tools you use most.

Google Chrome Extension
Click-to-dial any embedded phone number from any web page accessed with the Google Chrome browser.

Open API 
Create custom VoIP integrations with SONAR’s Open API to connect the SONAR experience into the exact software platforms you need it most - specialized support systems, CRMs, reporting tools, and more.

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